How to play arcadator online games with gamepad?

Games tagged with this logo are playable with gamepad.

They are of course playable with keyboard if no gamepad is enabled.

The gamepad have to be plugged in before you load the game page and must not be unplugged afterwards. If you do that you won’t be able to play with gamepad  neither keyboard and you’ll be constrained to refresh the page.

Your score will be saved if you are logged in before loading the game.


In most case you will have nothing to worry about, just plug your gamepad in, load the page the game is in, and play. It may takes time to load the first time but the next ones it will be fast as hell!

If the game doesn’t load please read the following…

In order to get these gamepad playable games to load, Java must be installed on your computer and must be enabled in your internet browser, as well as Javascript (Note: Java and Javascript are NOT the same).

Javascript is installed and enabled by default in your browser be sure to not have it disabled.

Computers mostly have Java installed and please always accept the java updates. To check if Java is installed on your computer, go in your control panel and the Java icon should be displayed (depending on your display the Java logo could be displayed under “programs” (windows)).


All other games require Flash to load.


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