Dragon - Galaxy InterceptorDragon - Galaxy InterceptorDragon - Galaxy InterceptorDragon - Galaxy Interceptor


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Dragon Galaxy Interceptor


gamepad/arrow keys: move.
gamepad button 1/spacebar: fire
P: pause --- M: mute --- I: invert gamepad Y axis.


Defeat the enemies through 4 challenging levels.

The game will load in a new application window.

Don't forget to plug your gamepad before loading the application.

Music by Arnaud Mallick (http://www.facebook.com/arnaudmallick)

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One Review to Dragon Galaxy Interceptor

  1. Momoko_Fan on December 12th, 2012 03:24 am

    Hi, I found a couple of issues with the game:
    1) At boot it says you should plug in gamepad, however keyboard play is supported as well and space is the “fire” button on the keyboard.
    2) I am using Xbox 360 controller to play, I noticed that there’s no deadzone set for the control stick, the spaceship keeps moving even though I have the control stick in the neutral position.


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