Defend Of The Ghost Sword(EN)


DNF - Ghost Sword Defense Instruction:

This game includes 8 different ages, 40 levels, 32 characters, 37 different weapons, spells and effects. Try to unlock 34 achievments! Countless upgrades and special effects!

You're a ghost swordsman who can equip 3 different weapons: Throwing weapons, bows and guns.
Your goal is to defend your base from enemies!
Hold left button to charge up strength, release left button to launch weapon.
Left click will shoot arrow or bullet, you'll reload when you're empty. Press 1 to use primary weapon, press 2 to use secondary weapon. Press space to use special weapon.
Click on different worlds to choose different backgrounds. When your blue bar is filled up, your weapon will cause additional damage: Fire, Poison, Explosion and Holy. Click on spell button to use different spells, each age has its own type of spells.
Press P or click the menu to pause the game.

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